Frequently asked questions

How many pages in each speciality?

Cardiology: 202 Pulmonology: 130 Gastroenterology: 192 Hematology: 115 Rheumatology: 113 Endocrinology: 235 Nephrology: 84 Neurology: 116 Infectious Diseases: 243

Will there be other books in the future?

Yes. Other specility are being written. Once the book is ready it will be released immediatly.

I do not have a credit card, can i still buy a digital copy online?

Yes. We also accept other payement like money transfer via Western Union. For details, please send a request to contact@isummary.net

For a peprback copy, what is the quality of the copy?

iSummary books are printed on demand till now. When we receive an order, we print it by a high quality laser HP printer or Xerox printer in case or color copy. This an example of an old version

Will there be a hardcover copy?

Due to high cost, at the moment there is no hardcover copy.

What is the price for a paperback copy?

There is no fixed price for paperback copy. It depends on the market of printing materials.
At the time of request, we can specify the price based on market condition.

Can i print my digital copy?

Yes. You can also copy text from the book.